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i’m an artist living in baltimore, maryland.  i’m also a mother and a wife, a daughter, sister, aunt, a baker, a breakfast lunch and dinner maker, a dog walker, a friend, a perpetual beginner, a lover of the details of life.  the beach is my favorite place, the woods are a close second.  i like to play board games and cards, i read the newspaper every morning, and i have a weakness for brown sugar straight out of the bag.  

i paint in acrylics and oils on paper and on wood panel.  i paint flowers mostly, and the horizon.  my paintings are my expression of a moment in time, my response to the overwhelming beauty of the universe, a conversation about perception, and about the passage of time.  

i am on a perpetual quest to find the light - literally and metaphorically.  you'll frequently find me, at dusk, trying to get just a little bit closer to the setting sun.  i believe in gratitude and i believe in the power of gratitude to shift our focus, to change our lives.

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photo credit: Michael Temchine

photo credit: Michael Temchine