BLOOM, verb

1. produce flowers; be in flower.

2. come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish.

3. become radiant and glowing.

What does it mean to bloom?  To come into full beauty? What is beauty after all?  The flower has no regard for judgment; the flower bursts forth from seed and stem, unselfconscious.  The flower grows freely and with abandon.

“Paint freely and with abandon,” these are the words I spoke to myself as I planned and painted this collection, urging myself to grow each painting as a flower grows from the seed.  These paintings are my commentary on beauty, exploring the juxtaposition between elusive perfection and deep complexity.

In these paintings the stray marks, ink lines buried beneath layers of paint, messy bits, shapes that emerge from behind the composition, the places where you can see beneath the surface – these convey a truth: that beauty exists in the complex tapestry of our lives.

Paint freely and with abandon.