Inviting wonder.

#THE100DAYPROJECT begins tomorrow.

(image by Elle Luna)

Last year’s project was transformative for me.  I’m generally a pretty good starter and not such a strong finisher – I never made it through the 365 photo project, for example (though, in my own defense, I did do 6 years of Habit, and I am in year 2 of my gratitude practice) – and I was afraid to begin.  I was afraid to say I was doing the project because I didn’t feel confident I would finish.  But I did!  I started and I finished, and it was strong if I don't say so myself.  I learned about myself along the way, I pushed myself along the way, I let myself off the hook sometimes along the way – all in all, a metaphor for life.

The project I did last year was a combination of painting and words – part process, part product – and just the right mix of the things I needed at the time. Last year, I used the hashtags #100daysofIbelieve#100daysofprocess, and #100daysofpaint– each day’s post had a short (or long, depending on the day) paragraph about my outlook on life, and each day’s post had some kind of rough painting, a sketchbook entry or a detail of a painting in process. 

My objective with the words was to push myself to write, to consider my own perspective, to begin to articulate my outlook and to dip my toe into sharing it with the world.  My objective with the paintings was to keep myself painting, to force myself to share what I painted whether I liked it or not, to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I feel unbelievably proud of the work I did in #THE100DAYPROJECT last year (you can see all of the posts together here, if you’re interested) and, frankly, a I'm little bit nervous about trying it again.  What if I don’t build any momentum this time around?  What if I don’t finish?  What if I don’t enjoy what I decide to do?  What if I have nothing to say?  Nothing to paint?  Change my mind?  Want to give up?  Well, I’m silencing those voices and doing it anyway.  I’m carrying on with my effort to be brave, I'm pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and I'm making myself do the next right thing. 

I am doing #THE100DAYPROJECT again this year, yes I am.

. . . . . . . .

I’ve been feeling out of sorts and rather glum since the start of January, not at all like myself, and finding it hard to see my own inner light; this project – and Spring! – come at just the right moment for me once again this year.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing #100daysofinvitingwonder along with #100daysofpaintonpaper.  My intent for each of these 100 days, is to invite wonder into my life and into the world, and to share that with others.  I’ve started a list of wonder-full possibilities, and I would love to know if you have suggestions - because 100 days is a lot of days!  I’ll be doing things like hula-hooping in the yard and painting with my left hand, walking barefoot, leaving encouraging notes in public places, and trying new foods.  If you have other ideas, would you please send me a message?  I will be grateful for your input.

Alongside these wonder-actions, I will be making a series of small draw-paintings.  Unlike last year’s project, this time I will be setting parameters around the size and scope of my work, and letting the wonder be my guide.  I've decided on 8x10 as the size, because that's been working well for me lately - not too big and not too small - and it's possible that I'm going to draw-paint them all with my left hand - we'll see, time will tell.

. . . . . . . .

I plan to write about the experience here on my blog as the weeks go by, and I will be posting daily on Instagram.  I invite you to follow along if you’re interested.

100 days.  Here we go!