In this moment in time when my telephone-shy self has made peace with calling my representatives, and my crowd-averse self has been rallying, I've made some postcards to send to Washington, and I'd love to share them with you.  

There are several different designs for the front - in addition to what you see here, there is: PERSIST, BE A LIGHT, and PROGRESS IS FOR EVERYONE.  

If you have a suggestion for another, I'd love to hear it.  Positive messages only, please.  

And they all have the same back:


If you'd like some postcards, simply send me an email (there's a nifty button over on the left) with your mailing address and I'll send an assortment your way.  In return, you agree to send them to your representatives or to the White House or to whomever you feel needs to hear your message.  

This is how we rise.