Reoccurring Shapes


I've been painting these circles lately, over and over.  And I was all set to type that this shape started appearing in my work last summer, when I realized that is entirely not true.


The shape goes way back.  


Way way way back...

This form began to appear in my work years and years ago, and it has been reoccurring ever since.  How is it possible that it has taken me so long to see?

Abstracted orb, peony, ranunculus, the beach stones, the little nubbins on the milk glass vase in my studio.


I've been finding myself making lots of notes in the studio lately - visual notes, scribbled notes, typed notes - and this blog seemed like a good place to collect some of them.  It's nice to be able to see what I'm thinking about outside of my little flash drive, and I've long since moved past the lack of ongoing continuity in this space, the gaps in posting, the cringe-worthy older posts that I can hardly stand to look at and never do.  What goes around comes around, you know?