Blue velvet.

Tonight I lined our bedside table drawers with midnight blue velvet.

This is significant for so many reasons.

I have never before had a bedside table drawer, not in my adult life certainly, and not in my memory.  When we moved into this house I rigged up plywood shelves with a wall brace and some kind of flimsy 1x2 as a leg, and a velcro-attached fabric skirt to hide the underneath.  At some point we got rid of those and I've been using an old bench about 2x3 and about a foot and a half high, while Dave has been using an old table about 4x5 and three feet high.  We have had a mis-matched hodge-podged makeshift bedroom for thirteen and a half years until this summer when we made some changes in the house, and as part of those changes we bought proper bedside tables.  The kind of bedside tables with a drawer!

Why this drawer feels like such a luxury, I can't entirely say, but there is something about having my chapstick and reading glasses tucked away that feels entirely decadent to me, so naturally, I wanted to line the drawers so that the chapstick wasn't rolling around on the hard wood.  And maybe, too, as a nod to the decadence.  Velvet was in the vision in my mind's eye, so that's a clue.

I bought a yard and a half (plenty of room for error, that's my motto) of midnight blue velvet at the end of August and I've been moving the to-do item "Line the Drawers" on my calendar from week to week ever since.  The thing is, I had a double-stick tape construction method in mind until the nice gentleman at the fabric store said if it were him, and he wanted to do it right, he would use tacks.  Or at least glue.  And line the sides of the drawer, too.  Sigh.

That is equivalent to telling me to put the fabric in a drawer and pick it up again some time in 2048.  So I moved the to-do item and I moved the to-do item and I moved the to-do item until today I said to hell with it, and tonight after dinner I did a rudimentary job of cutting the fabric with my pinking shears while Lucy studied australopithecus afarensis and little crumbs of blue dust floated across the dining room table.  And then, I did a rudimentary job of double-stick taping the blue velvet to the bottom of my bedside table drawer, and Dave's too.

It is not an artisan quality drawer-lining.  There are no tacks and there is no glue, there aren't even seams (I "hemmed" the velvet with more of the double-stick tape) and I didn't line the sides, just the bottoms.  There were three pins, a pair of pinking shears, a contractor's tape measure, a rotary cutter, and an old board used in the process.  My sewing friends would likely be horrified by the construction.  BUT!  

I lined the drawers!  I did it the way I had imagined it in my mind's eye, figuring it out as I went along.  And it looks just right to me in its slightly puckery a little bit wonky creatively imagined way.  It is done.  It is what I wanted.  It is so so good.  In fact, I think it's perfect.