i feel rusty at this, and awkward.  not so much because actually doing it feels funny, it's more the contrast between how unfamiliar it feels to be here, and how entirely natural it used to feel.  

it's like returning to anything, i suppose.  my yoga mat, healthy eating, we don't slip right back in where we were - or i don't.  it's like returning from a trip, maybe a long one.  abroad.  i bring back treasures and memories, something tucked in my pocket, photographs, experiences that i hadn't had before.  i'd like to think i'm richer for it.

taking this picture of daffodils this morning, i wish i could have bottled the odd combination of i-know-exactly-how-to-do-this and i-feel-like-an-alien-in-my-body.  i wonder if that's what it feels like to be in middle school?  my camera was set on self-timer and i couldn't figure out why it wasn't responding, i had to move the daffodils twice to find the light.  

and yet it's as though i've always been doing just that - moving the daffodils to find the light.