and home.

we packed the car in a drizzle this morning and stopped at our favorite bakery for breakfast sandwiches (and two cupcakes and the rest of the carrot-orange cookies).  we were on the road at 755 and off the cape by 9.  there were at least four bridges, and there was one torrential rain storm.  there were two naps (mine) and six discs of harry potter.  there was foul language in connecticut, as has become our family tradition, and there was a stop for provisions at lunch time where we bumped into friends from our synagogue.

i still have stories to tell from our time away, and images to share.  i am trying to hold onto bits of vacation, as i always do when we return home, and i'm thinking about walking the dog and brewing iced tea and purging possessions and making quinoa salad and hanging onto the yoga i practiced faithfully while we were away.

but for now, we are unpacked and the laundry is done and dinner was concocted from whatever was left in the cabinets and the children are tucked in their own beds and home is spacious and warm (or cool, depending how you see it) and inviting and mine.

until soon.