well then.

if i'm going to be at home and not at martha stewart headquarters for alt then i'm going to savor every single minute of being at home these two days.  there was nothing on my calendar, of course - except, now, for the funeral - and i can't remember the last time that happened.  it's been months.  at least.

an accounting, so far.  

felix and i have walked in the woods.  twice.  i have spent hours in the kitchen - a baked ziti, two loaves of banana bread, a fresh batch of hummus, gazpacho and carmelized onions and hamburgers and corn for last night's dinner, popsicles.  we ate dinner on the porch last night for the first time in weeks, and we walked the dog after dinner.  we made our summer list in the nick of time.  there was a trip to the library and a friend over after camp and there was laundry.  i sat in silence, watching my breath, for five minutes yesterday and i will sit for ten today.  and tonight we'll light a fire in the fire pit and dave will play guitar and the kids will roast marshmallows and i will feel thankful for clarity and for family and for home.