18 june

i'm double posting this photo here and at habit.  i never do that - it's my own rule - but today i'm doing it anyway.

have you ever burned sage?  years ago, someone i love gave me a bundle of dried native american sage.  the honest truth is that it's been sitting, wrapped in a paper towel (which is how i received it), in a box in the mudroom ever since.  i've meant to burn that sage one hundred times in the last few years, and today was finally finally finally the day.  

of course, now i think that the house is on fire.  every room is filled with lingering smoke.  i opened the windows (it is 92 degrees and 100% humidity outside).  and i am anticipating an enthusiastic response from my children and husband when they return to this smelly, humid, smoky house.

and yet.  would you think i'm nuts if i said i can feel the difference?  maybe it's just in the doing of this funny-feeling thing i've never done before, or maybe there is something to the shifting energy.  

does it matter?