i live in the place where i grew up.  seven miles from the house where i grew up, where my parents brought me home after i was born, where my mother still lives.  my kids go to a school where my childhood friends went to school.  we belong to the same synagogue i've belonged to all my life.  all of this is both comforting and unsettling at the same time.  i don't think of myself as a small-city girl, and i don't want my kids to think of themselves that way either, which is why i take every opportunity to show them the world outside of our little beltway.

when lucy and i went to seattle last month, it was my first time there, too.  and i can't wait to go back.  for the food, for the shopping, for the open space, for the public composting!  for the people.  

seattle, you are so fine.