the push and the pull

something inside of me compels me to write.  even when i'm not typing, i'm writing in my head.  there's been a lot of head writing these last six months, and honestly, i thought that might be all there was.  

but here i go again.

there was a time when i had small children who snuggled their faces into my neck after a nap or a bath, and i had never heard the word blog.  and then, out of nowhere, blogs were everywhere, like breadcrumbs (as my friend sarah likes to say), and i was there too, writing (of the typing variety) and taking pictures and sharing it all.  until i wasn't really anymore.  

suddenly i find myself with large children who play chariots of fire on the piano and run for student government, and the breadcrumbs are back.  so here i go again.

lucy and i went to seattle.  more on that.  i hope.

(and hi.)