i'm going to talk about painting and my process for a bit, even though i'm quite sure there's nobody left reading here (except erin, god bless you.  hi e!).

i've been working on a very large painting.  very large by my standards; lately i most love to paint at 30 x 44 - or 44 x 30, depending on the day - sometimes a little bigger or smaller, but that's the size of my favorite sheet of paper and a size that seems to suit me right now.  this painting is twice that size, which is glorious.  and challenging.

i've set aside tuesdays and thursdays as my dedicated painting days, and part of wednesdays when i can.  this has been my schedule since january and i like it, except that it's thursday at noon and i'm typing rather than painting.  tuesday was a terrific painting day - i started another gigantic dyptich and i was loving where it was going until it was time to stop painting and make soup and drive carpool and parent and partner and all of those other bits of life.  i did a few things differently on tuesday - i taped the paper differently, i allowed for more drying time, i moved deliberately.  i'm learning to be patient.  (ha!  if anyone who has met me is actually reading this, you're laughing now.  i understand.)

so tuesday was terrific and now, not surprisingly, i'm all kinds of tentative about today because i've reached a point where i'm happy with my progress - really happy - and i don't want to ruin things.  so i decided to take a break.  eat a bowl of soup.  look at paintings by david hockney, maira kalman, and louisa matthiasdottir (all three gifts over the years, extra gratitude for that today).  and remember the following:

1. "don't be precious about it,"  wisdom from my first painting teacher.

2. " important it is for each of us to simply be who we are. To make what speaks to us. Ignore those little voices that tell us what we should do or how we should be. How boring life would be if everyone were the same!"  brilliant words from my friend blair, which i came across serendipitiously this morning. 

3. these words by edgar degas via lisa congdon.

back at it, then.

until soon.