new mexico (four)

we ate the most delicious food in new mexico.  it seemed that every restaurant had vegan options, gluten free options, organic options, locally sourced options.  the reverance for the land and the reverance for food seemed intertwined in our (very limited) eating in and around santa fe.  i can't remember a stretch of time away when i've eaten out at every meal, eaten so well, and felt so satisfied.

the highlights:

the love apple in taos.  i had a crush the very minute we walked in through the kitchen, where giant vats of dried beans and grains are stored on shelves next to the door.  the dining room was adorable.  and the food was divine, our best meal of the whole trip, hands down.  dave ate antelope, i ate a tamale with local greens and a local egg.  it was heaven.

pasqual's.  everybody we know and trust told us to eat breakfast at pasqual's, and we did.  every single morning.  and never ate the same thing twice.  what i would give for their huevos montelanos (made with tofu instead of eggs) right this very minute.

the tune up cafe.  we found this one completely on our own, and almost by accident.  order at the counter, take a seat, and wait for your colorado mole (or your brown rice + nut burger, or your peanut butter cookies, ahem) to be delivered to your table.  yum.

vinagrette.  why doesn't my city have a place like this?

la boca.  i confess that i ordered a second salad of watermelon, tomato, feta cheese, and olives after i finished the first.  my mouth is watering at the memory.

my tummy is rumbling now, too.