new mexico (two)

my grandfather was a cowboy.  he died when i was ten and suddenly i have a burning need to find the photo of the two of us - the one where my grandfather is wearing his cowboy hat and boots and maybe one of those leather ties with a silver clip, and i am maybe five and looking cute.  my grandmother might have been a cowgirl back in the day (except that you would never have used the word girl to describe her) but she lived until eleven months ago and she was so many things in those in between years.  regal comes to mind - elegant and graceful and imposing, even in the face of her illness.  come to think of it, the picture i remember might be of my grandmother all decked out, and me.

i felt their spirit strong in new mexico this weekend.

my grandparents spent a lot of time in the southwest and my grandfather took a lot of pictures - my mother still has his bag of cameras and lenses, and wheels and wheels of slides.  this feels like something my grandfather shot once, on slide film, with that sky that's both hazy and brilliant at the self-same time.  i'll have to go looking for that photo now too.