5 november

bennett made dinner.  the kids had no school and it was an absolute pleasure to have them at home today.  i miss that, the being here together and doing things like cooking with all of the time in the world, wandering through the market, going out for a special lunch.  i miss that.

i've adjusted my attitude about the bickering.  i've decided to say yes to everything.  whatever it is, the answer is yes somehow, even when it's no.  or stop.  or for the love of all that's holy.  the answer is still yes.  it turns out that my attitude makes a big difference.  ahem.

bennett decided he would make sesame noodles supreme for dinner, and of course when he searched for the recipe online, he found this post and started reading back through the blog.  which was hilarious.  all through the cooking this afternoon he kept saying "this is so easy to make."  of course it is, because he's 13 now and the chopping and measuring and stirring are all just so much easier than they were when he was 9.  of course.

and lucy made lollipop cookies.  i let her use food coloring.  (i can't stand food coloring.)  they were adorable, and so exciting.  and dave came home and did all of the dishes.  and i realize that all of this sounds dull as dull can be, my afternoon in the kitchen.  but truly, it was a few hours of such joy.  no clock ticking, no homework calling, nothing to be practiced or cleaned or written or done, really, except being there in that kitchen making food and saying yes and being there in that moment together.  

i'm holding onto that.