2 november

this picture is from yesterday.  this apple was the most crisp, most tart, sweetest, most delicious apple i have eaten this season.  

what i really want to say this morning is that i made myself eggs and salad just now, my favorite breakfast.  but what i think instead is that i have electricity to power my cooktop, refrigeration for my food, heat in my home, hot water for my shower.  my laundry is in the washing machine and i am feeling acutely aware of these simple - and tremendous - luxuries today.  i am humbled - again - by the power of mother nature.  i am compelled to count my blessings, every single one - the clean dishes and the dirty dishes alike.  every bit of it feels so precious to me right now.

i find the news to be so grim these days - about the storm, but not just about the storm.  there is so much darkness and suffering around us, and the contrast between my gratitude for the laundry and my awareness of the suffering is stark.  which is why i feel compelled to say: may i never lose sight of the goodness in my life and in the world around me.  

i have to believe that it is our ability to see the goodness that brings light to the darkness.  i have to believe that.