making art on a pancake griddle.

so.  i have been making art on a borrowed pancake griddle on my kitchen counter.  

last fall, i was introduced to a newish technique for making encaustic monotype, and i have fallen hard.

i paint sometimes in an open studio at a local community center.  it's good for me - to have a place to go, to have other people around, to be accountable, to have space to spread out.  most of the time i set up in the corner near a big window and work on my own (i've painted the field - the one you see in the print below - out that window over and over again these past few years).  but last fall, the teacher - an amazing encaustic painter and now a friend - taught a workshop in encaustic monotype and i was first in line.

i had made monoprints before.  but this.  oh my.

you can read more about the technique and equipment here.  or you can trust me when i tell you that the wax melts on the hot plate and it's luscious.  that the rice papers absorb or don't absorb the wax and deppending on the surface, the wax sways and swirls in all sorts of unexpected ways.  that sometimes i like the image on the reverse even better than the than the one on what's supposed to be the front.  and that's all part of the beauty of it.

i've been playing with papers.  playing with the paints.  playing.  

i'm reluctant to write more about the specifics because i'm afraid it might be boring.  and really, there's a lot of figuring it out as i go.  but i'm happy to share if anyone is interested.

i've sent eight tiny prints to the enormous tiny art show 11 at nahcotta gallery.  the show opens february 3, and it's full of all sorts of tiny goodness.  i hope you'll check it out.