20 july

i haven't been taking pictures lately.  and soon i'll have run through all of the street scenes, and fields of flowers, and famous landmarks from our trip and something will have to shift. 

i did cut up two t-shirts last night.  and in the process, remembered a plastic bin on the tippy top shelf of my closet, a bin that holds the last of my father's t-shirts.  and let me tell you, my father had nice t-shirts.  polo, banana republic.  i can remember hunting for t-shirts with him when i was a child; there was a little shop, an outlet from before there were outlets, at the beach.  we'd walk up the narrow staircase and hunt through boxes and bins of t-shirts in every color and size, looking for the best ones.  my father had good taste.  really really good taste.

anyway, i've been thinking about this skirt for more than a year.  hemming and hawing about colors (it can be complicated when you only wear red shoes).  i even bought the color card (and combined it with amisha's color card, so that we now have a full set between the two of us and erin.  which reminds me to ask you, erin and amisha - would one of you two like to take custody of the color cards for awhile?  just say the word.) and still i couldn't decide.  but then last night i thought - hey!  my father's xtra-large t-shirts, sitting in a bin on the top shelf of my closet!  there's my skirt fabric right there.  how fantastic would that be?  to wear a skirt i made with my own two hands out of the t-shirts my father loved?  yeah.

and then, in a fit of uncharacteristic patience, i folded the shirts and put them back in the bin and deconstructed the two t-shirts i planned to work with in the first place.  i've got a little something (really, i don't know what it is yet, or what it's going to be) pinned and ready to reverse-applique.  but next week?  next week i'm starting my skirt.  

(hold me to that, won't you?  when i start to chicken out when it comes time to start cutting into those memories?)