19 july

well then.  i'm just going to continue posting photos from our trip while i blather on about this and that. 

i forgot to say - hi!  hi hi.  after your kind words a few weeks ago, when i was musing about whether there's anybody reading.  i'm glad you're here.  i don't mind writing to myself, really.  but i'm glad you're here because it's the being here together, the conversation, the writing and the reading and the writing and the reading that makes it possible for creative energy to live on the internets, i believe.

i haven't been painting.  or making almost anything.  for a variety of complicated reasons, these past few months have punched me hard in the stomach and i haven't been painting.  and then suddenly last week, i began to feel the absence of the making in my life, and i thought, "aha!" - a sign that i'm beginning to catch my own breath.  that i'm ready to return to something.  that it's time to make again.  to paint.  to see.

today i bought some textile paint, and i'm getting ready to deconstruct a couple of well-loved cotton t-shirts.  i don't know where i'm going - yet.  but the possibilities seem endless.