17 july

in israel, when you eat in a restaurant, they bring toothpicks to the table at the end of the meal.  toothpicks, and hand wipes.  individually wrapped hand wipes, and often they're wrapped in cute little packages with the logo of the restaurant on the wrapper.  i like that.

i wish i had words to describe our trip.  i wish i could have stayed longer.  i wish my grandmother didn't live so far away.  and yet, i'm glad we have the great good fortune to travel to see her.  and the world, while we're at it.

dinner tonight was grilled chicken and stir-fried vegetables.  rice noodles, too.  so simple, and yet sitting around our table sharing food - that, and the chopping and washing and cooking - it's good for the soul.

today is lucy's half-birthday.  i might not remember every year, except that it's my cousin's birthday, too.  my cousin who was born when i was ten, and who is now one of my dearest friends.  we didn't have half-a-cake, but maybe tomorrow.  we'll see.