1 february

it's february first.

i have a hundred and umpteen things to say.  blog posts begun but never published.  i'm making a quilt.  i'm painting.  i'm staring hard at february and trying to make the best.  i'm eating grapefruit like it's going out of season.  i'm drinking lots of tea (this is my favorite right now).  i'm setting the table with chalkboard place mats and candles.  i'm cracking down on rudeness and general disrespect.  i'm warming the car before we leave for school even though it's awful for the environment.  i'm sleeping a bit later in the mornings.  i'm making hot cocoa with almond milk.  i'm holding on tight to my time in kansas city.  i'm cleaning out the kids' rooms.  i'm hunting for furniture on craigslist.  i'm wrapping myself in a blanket in the evenings to keep warm.

there's more.  i might write again tomorrow.