all sorts of random.

there is a gourmet hot dog cart not far from our house.  it has the cutest name.  it's open only for lunch.  it's almost like a food truck, but it doesn't leave its garage location.  which happens to be next door to a french pastry shop.  can you imagine?  yum, and yum.  suddenly, i'm thinking about making a little recording of the whole hot dog experience to share with you here.  maybe i'll gather enough courage to do it.

we're having this for dinner tomorrow night; it's become a family favorite in a very short time.  i've been trying to find a few minutes to make these; lucy keeps asking when we're going to make the "cheese-it-men."  and i'm waiting for some bananas to ripen so that i can make this.  i made this (again) and this on friday.  the kitchen has been in overdrive.

tonight at dinner bennett suggested that each of us share a brief report on what we're reading.  (he's 12.  i love him.)  he's reading goliath and is enamored with the world scott westerfelt has created.  lucy is reading this - the longest book she's read on her own - and she's loving it.  my cousin is reading something by bill bryson in english, and something else in hebrew.  but dave and i are not reading anything at the moment, which was a wake-up call for me.  i've started no less than five books since the summer, and have - very uncharacteristically - abandoned all of them.  i'm going back to this one tonight.

the darkness has returned.  i'm not as resistant this year as i've been in years past.  i guess i'm looking forward to candles on the dinner table, and light when i wake in the morning.  but no matter how you slice it, i miss the longer days.  it seems especially late to me now.  and i think that's enough random for one sunday night.