there's something about this season.

suddenly it's cold enough that i'm wearing a vest all day, even in the kitchen.  except that tomorrow i might need an actual coat because there's snow in the forecast.  i fell in love with an enormous scarf made out of jersey and i've been wearing that all of the time too.  even with my pajamas.  (well, practically.)

and oh!  there's been so much cooking.  and baking.  beef stew.  asian noodles.  shepherd's pie.  chicken pot pie.  bread.  granola.  waffles.  and repeat.  there hasn't been nearly enough tea yet.  my quilt is almost finished.  i've been painting flowers.  and my cousin has arrived from overseas for a few weeks.  right now she's teaching lucy to play backgammon at the kitchen table.  

chicken is roasting in the oven.  the table is set.  there are new towels tumbling in the dryer.  

it seems early for snow, but i'd be thrilled.  either way, i'm delighted by the prospect of a cold rainy saturday forcing us to stay inside hunkering down and cozying up.  that's the thing about this season.