i've been away for the better part of the last three weeks.  mexico, new year's eve at the outer banks, and the weekend.  i'm home now, and - as much as i miss the sunshine (a lot) and my friends (even more) - i'm glad to be here.  glad to be back to making soup and doing laundry and messy rooms and the promise of snow.  to routine.  to life, really.  because the rest of it feels like a dream.

there was a great hum of activity in the studio in the fall, and while i was traveling - or dreaming - i missed the opportunity to share news of two shows i'm participating in.

the first.  the landscape show that opened in november - it's a two person show i'm sharing with philip koch at the james l. pierce gallery here in baltimore - has been extended through the month of january.  i'm thrilled, of course.

and the second.  i was honored to have been invited to be part of eleven in eleven at nahcotta this month - eleven artists (i'm truly humbled to be in such company) exploring what "2011 holds in possibility."  i sent four oil paintings to the gallery (winter, spring, summer, autumn) and i was beyond delighted when deb emailed to say that the summer painting sold at the opening last friday!  

the painting above - {2011, autumn} - is available (along with a host of other works) here.

it's snowing outside, just the tiniest bit.  i'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  i'm stocked with marshmallows and almond milk (my new favorite for making hot cocoa) and baking ingredients galore.  i'd like nothing more than a day spent together in pjs, with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  and though i doubt this storm is going to amount to much, a girl can dream.