we woke up this morning without a plan.  i was grumpy about the not having of a plan, for a whole host of reasons.  (once, years ago, a friend suggested that i be more spontaneous, and right there in that moment without even thinking i answered, "but what would i do?"  i think it's just not in my nature, maybe.  much as i wish that it was.)

we had talked about going to the beach.  we had talked about the national zoo.  we had talked about lots of things, but in the end we made quesadillas for lunch and loaded the bikes onto the back of the car and drove to washington and parked the car and rode our bikes through rock creek park to the lincoln memorial.  and back.  

and tonight i'm feeling pretty proud of us.  of me.  of us.  for going with the flow.  for having fun without a plan.  (for riding in traffic which is something else i'm not especially good at.)

it was a really good day.