neat and tidy.


i wish life was neat and tidy like these shelves.  sometimes.  other times, i can embrace the chaos and the beautiful mess that is my life.  mostly, i'd like to feel the balance.  

today was the first day at a brand new school following many months of anticipation.  in all of that waiting and awating i never imagined any of us moving through this moment in time with grace.  

i realize that we are still very much in the transition, and that my grandmother would likely frown on calling one's self graceful, but it has certainly felt balanced these last few days.  weeks.  in a particular fumbling not-at-all graceful kind of way.  it has felt graceful nonetheless.  or maybe peaceful is what it has felt, as though we have found a little hidden path through a field of thorns, and we have followed it, keeping our eyes open for wildflowers along the way.  and as though the universe approves.

and now? if i could only get our closets looking neat and tidy like these shelves.