a wedding.

on saturday morning we loaded up the car for our last quick trip of the summer.  we drove 5 hours due north on saturday morning and 5 hours due south on sunday, stopping only for bar-b-que and the bathroom on the way up, and a giant flea market on the way home.  

in between, we went to a wedding.  in a cornfield.  i took the pictures.  it was a favor for a dear, dear family friend, and i was thoroughly nervous leading up to the big day - not at all convinced that i could capture such a momentous occasion.  i think i did alright in the end.

i hired bennett to be my assistant.  he carried my bags and held the lenses when i was switching and took pictures of his own, too.  he was terrific, and it was nice to have his company as i tromped around trying to be sure i got everyone and everything.  lucy was the flower girl, and she was terrific too - sprinkling orange and yellow petals as she walked down the aisle, and dancing the night away.

the whole wedding was terrific.  full of friends and family and music and love, of course.  love.

and now we're home and school starts tomorrow for lucy and i'm wondering where this summer went when i blinked my eyes and how we're going to wake up tomorrow morning and get dressed in school clothes and fix breakfast and be at school by 815 with a backpack on her back.  

i'm going to hold on tight to this last bit of summer before the calendar tells me it's time to welcome autumn.  i'm going to go to the swimming pool and boil corn and eat dinner on the deck as often as i possibly can before i can't anymore and i'm bundled in sweaters and wool socks and waiting for the seasons to turn round again.