yesterday today tomorrow


* i baked a batch of granola and a batch of chocolate chunk cookies in spite of my sweltering kitchen

* helped two boys make their own board game

* visited with an old friend - the kind of friend who knew me before i was me

* ordered indian carry out at the pool at dinnertime


* i delivered a commission to the frame shop for framing

* at lunch with my kids in a favorite little cafe

* said goodbye to our magical summer camp until next year

* came home with a spectacular new-to-me mobile for 20 dollars

* took my girl out for a snowball after dinner


* i will pack my sunglasses and swimsuit and a pair of blue jeans (and my camera, always my camera)

* i will hug my kiddos tight

* i will hug dave tight too

* i will fly off to a not-so-far-away place to hug my brother and his family tight too