23 june

i've always believed that the universe will provide.  i've always thought so, but i think i forgot.  last week i was thinking - feeling, wanting - wishing i had a tribe.  do you know what i mean?  a tribe?  that group of friends who hold you up and help you out and remind you who you are and who you ought to be?  a tribe.

last week i was thinking about wanting a tribe (feeling jealous of someone else's tribe, really) and wishing i had one of my own.  and then suddenly it was tuesday and i remembered - or was it realized? - that i have one!  i have a tribe.  my friend heller dropped a book in my mailbox.  and nancy invited us for dinner and to swim with a bunch of other families.  i called jenny to say i'd make a frittata to go with her salad, and then i called debbi and told her to bring cookies and there you have it.  five moms and a dad and fifteen children and a dog (plus four more dads who couldn't be there) and there we were.  my tribe.

(also, i am reminded of this poem by stanley kunitz and introduced to me by my brother several years ago.)