15 june

my trip to california was full of wildflowers.  fields upon fields of wildflowers, and flowing untamed gardens.  i don't see much of that at home.  here, gardens are manicured (or weed-y, if they're at my house), hedges are trimmed.  here, wildflowers in the highway median are mowed. 

i know it was just a slice.  that all of california isn't filled with vast expanses of wildflowers.  i know this, just as i know that all gardens on the east coast are not carefully manicured.  and still i wonder if it's not a metaphor somehow.  if we're not busy, over here, trying to tame nature?  to conquer her rather than allow her to grow freely.  to  master her rather than revere her natural beauty.

i wonder, too, if this metaphor doesn't carry through our lives.  what would happen if we didn't work so hard to harness, redirect, and control our energies?  if we simply let things happen?  it's a theme for me, lately.  the wildflowers reminded me.