14 june

i made a frittata for lunch today.  and for tonight's supper and probably for tomorrow's lunch.  frittata is one of my favorite summertime lunches, and i like to make them big so they last.  this one was 3 zucchini + 2 onions sliced paper thin and caramelized, a dozen eggs from the farm around the corner and some sea salt.  

it takes a long time, that frittata.  to slice the vegetables and cook them down until they're gently browned, to wait for the eggs to set.  bennett asked me why i bother.  why i spend so much time and effort on something that only two of us will eat.  (why my children won't eat this is beyond me - they eat eggs.  they eat vegetables.)  there must be some sort of equation.  amount of care in the cooking x wholesome ingredients = what?  extra nourishment?  i'd like to think so.

also, i remembered how much i enjoy taking pictures of food.  it's been awhile.