here and there.

it's the little things.  

i washed so many dishes today.  there were two breakfasts, lunch for five, a pot-full of burned white chocolate, two trays of caramel corn, a big pot of turkey soup, baked potatoes, and i think that's mostly all.  i must have washed the strainer four times.  and really, i couldn't have been happier.

we spent last week in mexico.  it's hard to find words to express appropriate gratitude for a week in the sunshine in the middle of december.  particularly a week with family and seven exquisite sunrises (and a single glorious moonrise) and cousins playing together in the sand and cocktails and not having to set the table or clear the table for twenty-one consecutive meals.

we came home to the promise of snow that amounted to nothing.  it's cold here, and windy.  bitter, really.  i stayed inside all day today, and i like it like that.

i like winter vacation.  i liked being away, and i like being home.  i like that we can lie in bed in the mornings, and eat breakfast whenever we want.  i like that lucy can read until she finishes the book at 845, which is way past her bedtime.  i like that friends can come over and stay until whenever.  i like that i can putter, and call my grandmother, and fold all of the vacation laundry and listen to the kids racing matchbox cars in the living room.  i like the kind of tired that can only come from a day spent around the house washing the strainer four times.  i like this life of mine.