hanukkah is not about gifts.  it's about miracles.  it's about light.  it's about tradition and consecration.  it's about rejoicing, and overcoming oppression.  (it's also about oil, we'll get to that.)  but hanukkah is not about presents.

except that this entire season is about presents in the united states, and so hanukkah is about presents now too.  in so many homes.

i'd like to say that hanukkah is not about presents in our house - we've had years when it was less about gifts, and years when it was more about gifts - i think that this year will be somewhere in between.  

there's so much goodness out there right now, things have been catching my eye all over the place.  so i thought i'd share here a few things that i love.  things that i'd love to give.  things i'd love to receive.  things i'm glad to call my own.  

i'm sure there will be more between today and two weeks from now when the rest of the world is in the final flurry before christmas.  i'm sure.  but a girl's got to start somewhere, right?

  • i love these.  all 3 of them.  and i will admit to having bought two for our table - one for grinding salt, and one for grinding pepper.
  • if i had all the money in the world, i'd buy this by my friend jennifer judd-mcgee.  though in a more realistic world, i positively adore this.  and this.
  • i want to make this.
  • and this.
  • i want to buy these for my friends.  (friends, if you're reading, don't click that link.)
  • and these.  (friends.  seriously.  don't click.)
  • i want a video camera.  i have never wanted one before, but now they're tiny.  and i could capture so much goodness.  maybe one like this.  or this.
  • i want these.  in the worst way.  (via amisha.)
  • and these.  oh yes.
  • this, this, and now this are some of our recent favorite toys - much loved by kids and adults alike.
  • if i was queen of the world, everybody would have one of these.  and these.  (so glad i do.)
  • and a subscription to this.  (also glad i do.)
  • how i'd love to have (or give) a few of these.  and a pair of these.
  • i think i'm going to give lots of this.  packaged in these.
  • and maybe some more of this, which i gave last year.

and that's it for now.  there's more goodness out there.  greatness, i know.  but come sundown on wednesday it will be hanukkah with or without presents.  there will be lights.  there will be dreidels.  there will be potatoes fried in oil.  there will be singing and rejoicing, and whether or not there are presents, all of that will be my favorite gift of all.