it's been a full week since i've picked up my camera.  i loved the glow of tonight's dinner and i was glad that i had pulled the camera out again this afternoon.  

some days i have far too many things to share at habit.  today was like that.

*it was grey and gloomy all day.  i suggested that bennett wear sweatpants to school.  he was shocked that he's allowed to wear sweatpants at his new school.

*i suggested that bennett not tease lucy about wearing sweatpants to school.  he didn't.  but she did ask me, with a priceless expression, "why is he wearing sweatpants to school?"

*it was beef stew weather today.  it just was.  so i threw meat and carrots and some other made up ingredients into the crock pot and 6 hours later it turned out delicious.

*i made broccoli soup too.  because that was the plan before i hijacked the plan with the beef stew.  luckily, there's plenty left for tomorrow and for freezing.

*we ate by candlelight for the first time since last winter.  we had to negotiate - again - about whether the chandelier would be on or off during the meal.

*i forgot lucy's piano bag when i picked her up from school.  we had to make a u-turn to go home for it before her lesson.

*bennett's tooth fell out in school today, but i had the tooth in my jacket pocket (and i was out) when he went to sleep.  i wonder what the tooth fairy will do.

*i found a little teak chest of drawers on craig's list.  i actually called the guy.  i actually went (with a friend) to see it.  i actually bought it.  it's perfect.  for a steal.  

*i finally remembered to open the bottle of wine with dinner.

all of that feels important, somehow.  some days are like that, i suppose.