96/100 Days of I Believe

I believe it depends how you look at it, part 2.

I'm always telling my kids that the salt shaker (the imaginary one that I reference, not infrequently, when I tell them this for the umpteenth time) has no singular reality of its own. The salt shaker is not tall or short, narrow or wide, silver or grey, full or empty. It is not definitively any of those things, though might be any of of them. And it's probably all of them.

The imaginary salt shaker can be tall next to the sugar dish, or short next to the wine glass. It can be full in comparison to the pepper shaker, or empty next to the sugar. And so on, you get the point.

What the salt shaker is depends entirely on what's around it, and who's looking, and what is my perspective when I look. And what kind of table in what kind of room on what kind of day or night is it anyway? It depends how you look at it.

The same is true of the banana, which is over ripe or under ripe or just right depending how you like your bananas. and of the movie, the book, the scene that unfolded in the lunchroom, the water in the pool.

Not one of those things is all one thing - my cold is Dave's hot, every time. And my spicy is his mild. One of us is not right and the other wrong.

The temperature of the air and the heat of the salsa, the banana, the disagreement between friends, the description of the salt shaker, it depends how you look at it.

It would do us all good to remember this (and I'm talking to myself here) as we walk through the world seeing things as clearly as we do with such certainty about whatever it is that we see. it depends how you look at it.