92/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that a fried egg is the perfect answer for any meal. on toast, over spinach, with a salad, as part of a sandwich or on a burger - breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I say.

You might imagine that I have my thoughts for these last few days of the #100daysofibelieve all planned out with meaningful things to say and deep thoughts to share in the home stretch, or maybe you haven't imagined anything about it at all, but I've taken every day so far as its come, all 92 days, and I plan to finish out the last eight the same way. the thing is that I have been particularly exhausted these last few days and finding the energy for words - or dinner - in the low light of evening is a stretch.

Which is exactly why a fried egg and some diced sweet potato sautéed in coconut oil was the perfect simple supper, and why it deserves mention.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most nourishing, the most pleasing, the perfect answer.