70/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that a person can't have too many beach rocks.

Dave would probably disagree since he often finds himself carrying them, moving them, waiting for me to pick up just one more, or discovering them in the secret places in the car where I hide them before we leave the beach.

My mother will tell you that this has been going on all my life - I have memories of being a small child, maybe four years old, and my parents telling me I couldn't bring home the whole bucket of rocks at the end of vacation.

But alas I do, and then some.

I am so taken with the rocks on the beach here, the shapes and the colors, the lines and the marks, the textures. I love them all for different reasons - some to draw, some to stack, some to sort into a color wheel. I just. can't. stop. Picking them up, collecting, touching,

Today I dreamed of a bathing suit with pockets and I think it's not the first time.