64/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in talking to strangers.

In a casual and friendly way, I mean. I'm not the passenger next to you on the airplane who talks the whole flight, and I'm not (usually) offering candy to little children on the street.

I am saying "hello!" and "good morning." l like your tie!" "We're from Maryland too!" and "Beautiful day, isn't it?" and I'm (usually) happy to strike up a conversation about your favorite place to eat lunch or my very special dog breeder, the weather, our mutual gratitude for this day.

My kids think it's creepy, and I get how it can feel uncomfortable.

The thing is, I would rather live in a world where people see each other walking down the street instead of a world where we are invisible to one another. I'd like to live in a world where we acknowledge each other's humanity, where it's more common to reach out than it is to be isolated, where we are aware of and acknowledge - and appreciate - the interconnectedness of it all.

So I'm going to say hi when I see you on the street and I hope you'll say hi back. I'm going to tell you I love your striped knee socks, and I hope you won't mind. My kids are going to roll their eyes when I do and that's ok with me because I hope that one day - I hope, I hope - they'll say hi also, when they see you on the street.