53/100 Days of I Believe

day 53.JPG

I believe that there is a certain potential that is alive in the middle place - in the space that exists between beginning and end. Here, on day 53 of this project, I can feel that potential simmering.

I am a starter. I may have known this all my life but I’ve only recently come to recognize it for what it is. I start projects, books, crossword puzzles and sodokus, sentences. I’ve always felt the greatest thrill at the start of something new, and i suspect that we all feel a rush at the end, but i have come to see that opportunity lies in between.

The middle place, where I am suspended between beginning and end.

I imagine it rather like being tethered between two gigantic bungee cords, one reaching up to the sky and the other anchored to the earth, holding me in a sort of tension in between. Can you imagine a thing suspended that way, between two bungee cords? How it’s held in place, but it’s not still? There is a jiggle, a vibration. A reverberation. There is energy that is alive inside of that tension between those pretend bungee cords holding an imaginary thing, or me, in a state of possibility.