48/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that 48 things is a lot of things to believe.

As I approach the halfway point in the #the100dayproject I'm thinking about the beauty and the challenge of this endeavor. About how some days it’s obvious to me what I believe and what I want to share here, and other days it’s like walking through thick fog.

As I approach the halfway point in this project I wonder, will the ideas continue to flow? Will there still be moments of clarity as the days go on or will the fog become thicker still? Will I repeat myself? Will themes emerge? (Have themes already emerged and i haven’t noticed yet?) Will i get bored of the sound of my own voice? Will you get bored of me? Will this devolve into total navelgazing, more so than maybe it already is? Will I surprise myself as the days go on? Will the second 50 days feel more or less comfortable than the first? Will this still feel fun? Will I be eager for the project to be over already by day 99? Will I be sorry to see it go?

I could not have imagined, 48 days ago, how it would be here 48 days later, and I can’t imagine how it will be 48 days from now, in the later part of July in the hottest part of summer when the days are already getting shorter and school supplies are on display in the store. I can’t imagine what i’ll be thinking and believing and sharing then. Or even tomorrow. So I suppose i’m surprising myself already.