40/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that balance is an active state of being.

There’s all the talk about achieving balance, but I see it differently.

Imagine standing at the midpoint of a see-saw, leaning left and leaning right back and forth - you can’t just stand there, you’re constantly adjusting a little here and a little there. There is nothing to achieve, standing there at the centerpoint of the playground equipment, no end-point to relax and enjoy. The sweet spot is a living place, and it requires the balancer to be alive, awake, active, and present.

I believe this is true in life, in parenting, in work, in eating dessert or french fries, in the watching of Netflix, in walking through the world. The so-called search for balance is actually a constant state of being in the sweet spot - a little more this, a little more that, lean left then right, stretch your arms out wide to steady yourself.

Balance is not an end-point, it’s the center point, it’s deep inside the middle in a place of limitless possibility, it’s a state of active being.