100/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in wonder. I believe in greeting the world with curiosity - and a generous amount of it - for the human condition, for the planet, for the universe. For the things we can't see or understand.

I believe in being curious about the person next to me on the airplane and about the mysteries of the universe. About those pink flowers that open from little beads in the most intricate pattern, and about the inner life of dreams. about the way my son sees it, the way his sister sees it, the way the stranger sees it, no matter what it is - I want to ask a million questions and try to understand, to make it make sense or appreciate the way that it doesn't. I want to touch it all, every bit of of this big beautiful wonder-full world in all of its whole and broken glory, with all of its mysteries and realms.

Wonder is the way forward, it is my path and my lens. Wonder informs the way I want to move through the world and it defines the person I want to be. Wonder is curiosity and delight, it's kindness and compassion, respect and hope and possibility all rolled into one.

Suddenly it feels as though everything I've said these 100 days has led to this - the bits about leftovers and milkshakes, about love and ways of seeing, about humanity and creativity and worry and car trips and school supplies - if I could say only this and nothing else, it's suddenly clear: choose wonder, choose love.