37/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in breathing.

Of course, the ins and outs that fill my body with oxygen and release carbon dioxide to keep me alive, but I believe in more than that. I believe in breathing deeply and I believe in breathing slowly and I believe in paying attention as I do.

Sometimes I believe in doing nothing but sitting still and breathing, feeling the air slide in and out of my nostrils, my lungs, so that it's not just the oxygen sustaining my cells, it's attention to the act of breathing sustaining my sanity.

I have some tips and tricks acquired over the years - counting techniques and breathing mantras - and I keep those in my toolbox and call upon them, but more often as I race or glide or stumble through my days I simply remind myself to pay attention as I breathe, to inhale and exhale deeply and with intention - and when I do, my breath brings me back to myself.