8/100 Days of I Believe

day 8.JPG

I believe that - most of the time and for the most part - people are doing their best. I believe that most of us are trying to walk through the world with as much grace as we can muster most of the time.

The world doesn’t always make it easy, people around us don’t always make it easy, but I choose to believe that people are doing their best. I know that I am trying every day, and I’m guessing that you are too.

Does that mean that there aren’t areas where I could be doing better? No way! It means that in any given moment I’m bringing the best of my resources to any exchange or experience. I’m not always kind, or calm or peaceful or generous. But I’m never trying to be nasty, or to be a jerk or impatient or obnoxious. And I don’t don’t think that you are either.

I believe that life is nicer and the world is brighter when we choose to believe that the people around us are bringing their best to whatever it is they face. I believe.