7/100 Days of I Believe

I believe that batting (of the baseball persuasion) is a metaphor for life.

Watching middle school girls play softball, I am struck by the way that the ball comes hurtling at them in the batter’s box (hello, life!) - I am struck by the way that some girls step back, away from home plate (and who wouldn’t be apprehensive about that ball flying toward you?!) while other girls step forward, lean in, and swing at the pitch. The girls don’t make contact every time they swing (though some do) but the ones who don’t swing will never make contact.

I want to make contact and I want to swing trying. I want my kids to swing too.

Actually, I don’t care if they make contact, or if I do, but I want to summon my courage and trust in my helmet and step toward the plate and swing at the balls hurtling toward me in the batter’s box of life.