36/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in chasing the light. literally, and metaphorically.

I believe in watching where the sun rises and where it sets and noticing the way that time and location change with the seasons. I believe in driving past my own driveway at the end of a long day to get closer to the sunset, driving to the elementary school down the street and some days all the way to the synagogue around two corners for a better view. I believe in climbing into my neighbor’s flower bed to get a peek at the sunlight coming through the paper thin petals of the irises in their garden. I believe in the dappled light through the trees in the backyard at sunset, and the fairy tale light streaking across the road on a dewy morning.

I believe in looking for the light on cloudy days too, and it’s there somewhere i believe that it is. In my memory, in my story, in a photograph, in a glimpse of blue sky peeking through the clouds, in the sound of the voices of my children singing, in a kind gesture or word.

I believe that there is light in all of us, light the world, and possibility in our circumstances. I believe in looking for the light. I believe in chasing it and embracing it and making it mine and sharing it like crazy far and wide all over the place as far as the eye can see.