32/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in showing up, another valuable lesson learned from my mother. Grandparents day at school, show up. piano recital, softball game, cross country meet, school play, birthday party, random Tuesday night, show up.

A friend is having a hard time, just be there - a pot of soup or a coffee cake is an unnecessary bonus. There’s no such thing as the right words. In fact, words are overrated.

Don’t wait for the perfect time, because there is no perfect time. The time is now and this day is a gift - seize the opportunity. Wake up at four-thirty in the morning and fly to Detroit for 24 hours to build a bridge out of macaroni noodles and clay, to play “Would You Rather,” to put on temporary tattoos and watch fourth graders play violin, to hug your people, because this day is a gift and the time is now.


Show up.