28/100 Days of I Believe

{an extension of yesterday’s thoughts}

I believe that rushing is a waste of time. (And for the record i am a recovering rusher.)

I used to dash around in a frenzy trying to jam more things into a single moment, hour, day, make the bed do the dishes put the laundry away start dinner right now hurry I might be late for carpool oh it’s almost dismissal time and I’m stuck in traffic the package has to go to the post office I’m just going to send one more email super quick right now right now right now.

But it turns out that strategy doesn’t work. Things really don’t get done faster, and certainly not more efficiently. Running late to an appointment with my heart racing the whole way doesn’t get me there more quickly. Hurrying doesn’t make anything happen faster, or (and especially) better, it only makes life speed on by without our stopping to take notice.

Our lives are full indeed, sometimes full to bursting. The thing is, i’d rather stop to stuff my face into the buckets of lilac at the market and inhale their fleeting scent, then to hurry on by in a rush to grab the milk, wouldn’t you?