19/100 Days of I Believe

I believe in the importance of stopping to sit still and yet I forget to do it most of the time. I forget I forget I forget until I do stop, for some inexplicable reason, and then I remember.

I don't mean stopping to read a book, or knit a few rows, or flip through the phone or a magazine, though those are important too, for different reasons. and I'm not talking about meditation though I definitely believe in that. I mean stopping to sit on the sofa or in a chair or even on the floor right in the middle of making dinner or a painting, to breathe a few times and just be there in that spot for that moment.

I spend my days (and I'm guessing I'm not alone) in a state of constant motion with endless input moving from parenting to housework to painting to carpool to emails and back and forth again and again, listening to podcasts and the radio and returning phone calls, my mind spinning three steps ahead of me all along the way. there are ideas that arise and bits of inspiration and little nuggets of wisdom that have nowhere to go in the midst of that busy-ness of daily life. it's not until I stop to sit still that those bits and nuggets can drift and settle like all the muddy and sparkly things kicked up from the bottom of a stream bed after a storm.

Sitting still makes space for that stream dust to settle and the water to become clear again. It makes time for dots to be connected and lightbulbs lit, even - or especially - the ones I didn't know weren't lit before.

Besides, I kind of want my children to learn this skill. I want them to grow up to be people who stop, every now and then, to sit and simply be.